Anri carving

Anri wood carvings

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Anri Juan Ferrandiz

Anri Juan Ferrandiz figurines

Our Juan Ferraniz figurines are mostly from 1975-1995.


Anri Nativity

Anri Nativity

Various nativity scenes, religious figurines, angels etc.


Anri duck

Anri animal carvings

Anri animals from different artists, like Gunther Granget, Helmut Diller, etc.


About Anri

Anri has been carving wood-sculptures, which have become world-beloved, from precious woods for five generations. From their total familiarity with wood and its figurative characteristics comes the ability to transform this material into the most different creations of finest quality. Every piece of wood has a distinctive pattern, the characteristic of superior wood. This attribute assures that no Anri wood carving is identical with another. The sculptures are entirely hand finished by master carvers with love and precision, such as to become an unmistakeable work of art.

Master Sculptors and Artists working for Anri

Juan Ferrandiz Castells

Born in Barcelona, poet, artist, illustrator and author of children's books, is known as the creator of the most symbolically rich and original Christmas cards.

Ferrandiz receives his basic artistic education at the Academy of Fine Arts, and was Art Professor at the Industrial University while devoting himself to the design of figurines based on his special predilection for childlike themes.

His subjects include various small animals, such as cats, dogs, mice, rabbits, squirrels, birds, lambs, always united as symbols of fraternity in harmony with the innocence of childhood. The complete opus of Ferrandiz is to create a world of love, of comprehension and of poetry where hatred is banished and where pease is the one message which unites people from all over the world.

Helmut Diller

Born 1911 in Stuttgart, Germany, during his life Helmut Diller has amassed a wealth of experience as a portraitist, landscapist and wood sculptor. His perfection in anatomy as well as natural poses are demonstrated in all of his creations, such as eagles, flamingos, deer, stag, antelopes, gazelles, buffalos, leopards and other animals of prey, as well as the domesticated animals, cattle and horses. Many of his works have been chosen to represent the World Wildlife Fund. He died 1984.

Sarah Kay

A housewife in a suburb of Sidney, Australia, Sarah Kay had always been fond of drawing. She had studied at an Art Academy and at the age of 20 she had started working for an advertising agency. The designs which brought her great success, however, were made during a period of great anxiety: her little daughter, Allison, was badly ill and to distract herself, Sarah Kay began to draw. She designed happy children in a peaceful environment like the one she had known herself on her grandparents farm. The overwhelming success of her designs may be due to the fact that they remind people of their own childhood. Sarah Kay's designs are magnificently converted into wooden figurines by Master Sculptor Ulrich Bernardi.

Gunter Granget

Born in Karlsruhe/Baden, Gunther Granget is considered by critics and by collectors to be one of the world’s finest living sculptors. At the age of 11, the war took away his father, mother and brother. His father had taught him to love nature and to gather inspiration from it, and Gunther Granget had soon developed his interest in figurative creation. His first medium was china, a noble and fragile material obtained from earth and fire. Then he discovered another material, which warmth and naturalness enchanted him immediately: wood. As the true artist he is, Gunther Granget considers his life to be a constant development where learning is the essential part.